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I’m Emily Rose, a Mercer University student from Athens, Georgia. I’m studying Journalism with minors in both Women’s & Gender Studies and Graphic Design.

I’ve always known that writing would be in my future. I started crafting stories of my own as soon as I could hold a crayon, but it wasn’t until I was nearly an adult that I discovered my passion for telling others’ stories.

While writing for Affinity Magazine as a senior in high school, I had the chance to interview a woman whose life and career path would have been disrupted by the Trump administration’s abrupt changes to the H-1B visa program. By telling her story, not only did I draw attention to an unjust situation, I was also able to connect her with a reader who helped her find a healthcare job that enabled her to stay in the States.

I’d never felt so much pride or passion for any work I’d done, and I learned the power of honest storytelling to help others and change lives.

After graduation, I was offered a summer internship with Step Up Magazine, a new media startup by and for millennials driven to create positive social change. My writing categories included women’s rights and politics, two things I’d been increasingly passionate about since I started high school. Working with Step Up not only helped me learn about the topics that interest me but also showed me the power of the written word to tell the stories that need to be heard, to inspire others and to bring about the changes we need.

I also spent time that summer volunteering with Girls Rock Athens, a nonprofit organization in my community that provides music education and female empowerment for youth of marginalized genders. My continuing work with them includes interviewing local activists and changemakers, telling the stories of those who spend their lives making others’ lives better.

I’m thankful to have continuing positions with both organizations despite being away at college: currently, I’m an editor and columnist at Step Up Magazine, and I recently helped to restructure their assignment process. I am also a media intern and content creator with Girls Rock Athens as part of their Promotions and Communications Team.

I became a Staff Writer for the Mercer student publication, The Cluster, in my first semester and am now the Lead Writer of its News section.

Contact: emilyrosethorne6@gmail.com